Music Ministry at Evangel Temple Church

Evangel Temple Church Choir

“I believe that there are few moments in corporate worship that equal the experience of a powerful and anointed Choir song.”  (Pastor Kim Culpepper). “When I was a child, I heard an African-American mass choir sing an old spiritual called, “No Ways Tired.” The director was none other than the late James Cleveland, says Pastor Kim.” I listened as all those voices rose in a great swell of powerful anointing. It was then that God began to develop me into a choral director and worship leader.” The choir is made up of worship leaders that can sing. “The choir is not about the individual, but the corporate. The Psalms are filled with songs of worship of which most were accompanied only with one or two instruments. Here at ET, we wholly concentrate on welcoming the Holy Spirit into the sanctuary, so people can be healed, delivered and saved.” If you would like to become a part if the music ministry, see Cathy Culpepper or Daniel Boles.