The God Seeker class is made up of a diverse group of both men and women with ages ranging from twenties to eighties. The class is taught by Associate Pastor Kim Culpepper.
"I believe one of our greatest assets is the involvement by students in each study. I consider myself more of a facilitator than anything else," says Pastor Kim. "The younger people maintain a spirit of excitement and the older group members share lots of experiences that are filled with wisdom."
The classes are all straight out of scripture so participants don't have to worry about books or materials.
"The class originally was offered for College and Career age students, but evolved into a multi-faceted middle aged worship experience," Pastor Kim adds. "I believe that what excites us the most is when we conclude a class and Brother Mike almost takes off where we left in the main service. It's then that you know that god is truly leading us!"
This class is located upstairs in the nursery building.